Our proprietary technology uses compressed air energy storage (CAES) to reliably store electricity at low, off-peak costs and regenerate it during peak periods at a large scale. This stored energy is greener than using provincial grid-supplied energy during peak demand periods when gas-fired peaker plants are used. Our clients can save significant costs on their energy bills while ensuring they have reliable backup power when needed. At Volta, we are motivated by the dream of a greener tomorrow.

Consulting Services

Sustainable Technology

Consulting services to provide an unbiased third-party assessment:

  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for cost savings
  • Energy assessments, audits and surveys to meet ASHRAE requirements where necessary
  • Detailed feasibility studies covering all renewable electricity and heat generation technologies

Energy Management

Volta offers training in a wide variety of topics within renewable energy and energy storage. We are flexible and can always discuss your individual organization’s needs to tailor design a training session. Some common training sessions offered include:

  • Energy Management for Executives
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Storage
  • Lunch & Learn: suggested topics in sustainability, clean-tech, and conservation strategies

Energy Management

Volta offers a comprehensive suite of energy management services, tailored to your organization.

  • Auditing and Measuring Services
  • Monitoring and Customized Strategic Targeting Services

For a Cleaner Energy !

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