Empowering Clean Energy

Energizing Tomorrow, Storing Sustainability Today

Revolutionize your energy usage with Volta Technique’s innovative SMCAES technology. Reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly.

Unleash the power of innovation with our groundbreaking patented technology for energy storage

Our Technology

Long Cycle Life

Lasts 20+ years, 10,000+ cycles, and costs 3 times less than batteries

High Efficiency

Round-trip efficiency (Power) up to 75%

Fast Response Time

Less than 10 minutes

Tri-generation Capability

Provides heating and cooling, enhancing system versatility and utility

SMCAES Technology

Our proprietary technology for Small Modular Compressed Air Energy Storage (SMCAES) lets you store energy when there is a surplus and use it when you are running low. We aim to provide affordable, on-demand clean energy solutions for large commercial facilities.

SMCAES utilizes compressed air stored in underground boreholes for efficient energy storage. The system offers tri-generation capabilities, providing heating and cooling during charge and discharge cycles.

Why Partner with Us?


Lower operational and lifecycle costs compared to alternatives. Minimal upkeep is required, reducing operational expenses.


Never worry about unpredictable peak electricity costs.


Scalable from a few hundred kWs to a few MWs

SMCAES Technology

Carbon-free Energy Future

Accelerate your transition to a net-zero energy delivery system.


No hazardous chemicals involved in the storage process


Eliminates the risk of fire hazards associated with other storage methods

Environmentally Friendly

No emissions or environmental impact during operation

Our Partners

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