Affordable, On-demand Clean Energy for Large Commercial Facilities

Patented Small Modular Compressed Air Energy Storage (SMCAES) to store surplus energy and use when needed.


Store electricity at a third of the lifecycle cost of batteries


Never worry about unpredictable peak electricity costs


Significantly lower your carbon footprint and environmental impact

Proprietary Technology

Volta’s proprietary technology for Small Modular Compressed Air Energy Storage (SMCAES) lets you store energy when there is a surplus and use it when you are running low.

Unique design
Small footprint

Simple to deploy anywhere for on-site power

Long Lifespan

Lasts 20 years and costs 3 times less than batteries


Commercially available components add reliability and cost-effectiveness


Scales easily with additional compressors, turbines, and storage vessels

Power The Future Of Clean Energy

With Volta, you can accelerate transition to a net-zero energy delivery system by enabling 100% supply from clean power distributed through existing energy infrastructure.