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Small Modular Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems

We fill the gap in energy storage between batteries that provide maximum output for a few hours and large-scale systems such as pumped hydro which are meant for grid applications. Volta can provide hundreds of KWs up to a few MWs of power over 8-12 hours.


Volta produces modular mechanical energy storage systems that provide peak demand management and reduce utility costs by 30-70%. Unlike battery or software-driven solutions in the market, Volta’s flexible architecture and small modular compressor storage system can provide long-duration storage in a minimal footprint and a three hundred percent longer lifecycle. Our system is environmentally friendly, has zero chemical hazards and is fully recyclable.


Small Modular Compressed Air Energy Storage System

The V-CESS is a new generation of the proven Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) technology that was developed from the ground up for energy management and behind the meter storage applications. With its modular design and flexible architecture, this innovative system offers customizable energy storage solutions that are scalable from large residential to small utility-scale systems, while providing heating and cooling as value added services.

Thanks to its proprietary control algorithms and electromechanical energy conversion technology, the system ensures optimal performance and efficiency in a large range of climate conditions.


System Rating (Power)

Cooling and Heating Output

Duration of Storage

ROI on Unit


~200 kW to ~5 MW

~20% to 30% of Rated Power Output

8 to 12 Hours

4-6 Years on Average

Our unique design has the following competitive advantages over existing solutions:
• Our small footprint allows us to deploy anywhere
• We last over 20 years which is 3x the lifespan of batteries
• We provide Value added services such as heating and cooling
• We use commercially available components and parts


  • Modular design allows for customizable energy storage solutions
  • Flexible architecture enables integration with a wide range of renewable energy sources
  • Advanced control algorithms ensure optimal performance and efficiency
  • Scalable from a few hundred kWs to a few MWs
  • Easy to operate and maintain (Mechanical system)
  • Provides heating and cooling services


  • Community energy storage systems (Large Residential and commercial buildings)
  • Industrial manufacturing and commercial facilities
  • Data centers
  • Backup power with heating and cooling services
  • Asset utilizations

Customer Benefits

  • Provide predictable energy costs
  • Improve efficiency and reduces demand charges
  • Providing reliability and business continuity

Performance in Different Climates

  • The V-CESS was conceptualized and designed to perform effectively in a range of climates, including hot and dry conditions.
  • Advanced control algorithms ensure optimal performance, under different climate conditions.

How it Works

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