About Volta

Volta was founded by Kamyar Rouindej from years of graduate research at University of Waterloo. Batteries provide maximum output for only a few hours while large-scale systems, like pumped hydro, are meant for grid applications. Volta fills this crucial gap by generating from hundreds of kWs up to a few MWs of power over 8-12 hours.


This is how we accelerate the transition to a net-zero energy delivery system!

Accelerating Net-Zero

Volta’s vision is to accelerate transition to a net-zero energy delivery system by enabling 100% supply from clean power distributed through existing energy infrastructure.

Our Team

Our team brings together experts in Engineering, Strategy & Operations, Business Development, Finance, and Product Development. Combined we have raised over $600 million in funds, and have successfully launched, scaled and exited several companies.

Founder & CEO

Ph.D. Mechanical Eng, CEM, MBA

Strategy & Operations

MA Economics, E-MBA, ECD.D

BASc Chemical Eng, P.Eng., MBA


BASc Chemical Eng, P.Eng., MSc

Business Development

BA International Development

Communication Lead

BA History, M. Ed

Sr Technical Advisor

BSc, MASc, PhD Mechanical Engineering

System Engineer

BSc, MASc Electrical Eng, MSc Instrument Engineering

Mechanical Engineer

BSc, MSc, PhD Mechanical Eng

Sr Engineering Partner

BSc, MEng Mechanical Eng, P.Eng.

Our Partners
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