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Volta Technique Inc. is a Canadian based cleantech and consulting company founded in 2018. Volta offers three main categories of services: Sustainable Technology Assessment, Energy Management Training, and Energy Management Services. We approach each project systematically, with a unique methodology, and utmost care for quality and integrity. We aim for our clients to broaden and enhance their sustainable practices and move toward optimal and cost-effective energy management for every organization regardless of the scale.

Volta Technique Inc. was founded by Mr. Kamyar Rouindej and Mr. Amir Pahlevanpour with Phds in Mechanical Engineering and fifteen years of combined experience in the energy sector.

Volta Technique is also in the process of developing a proprietary technology that contributes to cheaper and more reliable electricity by using compressed air to store electricity at a large-scale. Utilizing compressed air energy storage (CAES), electricity will be stored when it’s cheap and regenerated during peak times. At Volta, we are all motivated to help solve the problem of the unpredictable and ever-increasing cost of energy for large commercial and industrial electricity users. This new technology will contribute to the goal of a Canadian energy infrastructure that is cleaner and more efficient.

For a Cleaner Energy !

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